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2nd Annual Wokers Comp Summit

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 4:30 pm - Thursday, May 1, 2014 3:45 pm
Location: Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
Description: Conference Topics

8:15: Rehabilitation & Prosthetic Management of the Traumatic Amputee (1 hour)
Amber Herrington PT and Jason Dean CPO

9:15: Medical Management of Workers with Acquired Brain Injury (1 hour)
Dr. Morgan LaHolt

10:30: What’s so Complicated About a Back Injury? (1 hour)
Diane Ulmer OT

11:30: Medical Perspectives on the Pain Spectrum (30 minutes)
Dr. Jaixin Tran

1:00: Rehabilitation Management of Workers with Traumatic Injuries :Case Studies (1.5 hours)
Karen Divito – Moderator
Panel: Dr. LaHolt, Dr. Kafka, Dr. Krabbenhoft, Dr. Tran, Diane Ulmer, Amber Herrington, Jason Dean, Virginia Schweitzer

2:45: Returning to Work After a Disability – Is it Possible? (1 hour)
Virginia Schweitzer, OT Assistant

Total Contact Hours: 6.0

Conference Objectives:

1. Describe the rehabilitation, prosthetic, and lifelong cost considerations for workers with traumatic amputation.
2. Discuss neuropharmacology as it relates to workers with brain injury, including management of spasticity and medical complications.
3. Identify secondary neurological complications and associated interventions which may impact workers with complex back injuries.
4. Describe treatment goals for workers with acute and chronic pain, identifying risk factors for persistent pain.
5. Describe effective ways to help injured workers be successful in the workplace by identifying strategies to develop work behaviors.
6. Illustrate management of issues related to the rehabilitation of injured workers through the use of case studies.
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