Nurse Residency Program

Rehabilitation Nurse Residency Program Summary

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is pleased to announce its first rehabilitation nurse residency program. This program enables nursing students who have successfully completed an accredited RN program to be hired before passing the NCLEX exam. Residency program participants will be paid a competitive hourly rate with full time benefits and shift differentials throughout the 20-week program. During this time, nurse residents would be able to orient with a preceptor, but not allowed to work to the full scope of RN licensure until the passing of the NCLEX exam. Those completing the nurse residency program and who pass the NCLEX exam are eligible to select a practice area within the new Omaha Campus hospital in fall of 2016, as a newly credentialed RN with accompanying RN pay and benefits.

Madonna’s nurse residency program is designed to help new nursing school graduates transition to practicing RNs.  Participants will have the opportunity to gain specific knowledge, tools and experiences needed to begin a successful career in rehabilitation nursing. This program will be offered two times each year, December and May.

If selected for the program, participants will be oriented and explore several nursing units to increase knowledge of the rehabilitation process and continuum of care at Madonna. Participants will receive rotational clinical experiences in three different rehabilitation units: Madonna Rehabilitation Specialty Hospital, Madonna Rehabilitation Acute Care Hospital, and Alexis Verzal Children’s Rehabilitation Unit. Gaining experience in a variety of clinical settings will offer the needed guidance towards selecting a desired area of practice.